Yes, we manufacture the products in Petäjävesi, Central Finland.

You are welcome to come to our premises in Petäjävesi to get to know our products – just let us know that you’re coming beforehand. We’re also at the trade fairs of the field – follow our announcements! There are plenty of videos about our products on our Youtube channel.

As a rule, we sell our products ourselves, affordably directly from the factory. Machinery stores also sell our devices, particularly in cases of financing and replacement machines.

We do not take machines in exchange because we don’t have enough time to sell them. However, we may make an exception in the case of used VUOMET equipment because there’s always demand for them! If you order a new VUOMET device, you have the possibility to sell your old equipment free of charge through the sales site on our web pages.


Ploughs have 1 year warranty abroad, which concerns manufacturing and material defects

The price includes standard accessories: bolt-on brackets for a front-lifting device or front loader, mudflap, skid shoes and LED outline marker lights.

Additional accessories: Volvo BM brackets, double skid shoes and various kinds of blades.

VUOMET diagonal ploughs do not have springs or release devices because they do not work reliably at the blade angle required by the throwing wing. If our diagonal plough hits some solid object, the ends of the wing give way in both directions because there is a safety valve in the pivot of the plough. If the obstacle is more in the middle, the freely-floating wing normally bounces over the obstacle. With variable adjustment of the cutting angle, the blade can also be lifted up from the road surface if necessary. When colliding with a clinging obstacle such as the cover of a well, both the cover and the blade bolts may of course break. The most important safety factor is always – despite all protection devices – the driver himself.

The wing of the plough turns 45° in both directions. The optimal ploughing angle is about 40°-42°, meaning that there is capacity in the pivot to receive possible blows. The large turnability of the wing makes it possible for even a large plough to fit through a narrow spot.

By adjusting the cutting angle, the cutting angle of the blade of the plough can be adjusted continuously while driving. The adjustment makes it possible to react quickly to changes in the road surface. If necessary, through adjustment of the cutting angle you can also do temporary removal of hardened snow in intersection areas, for example, which creates savings in grading costs.

Roughly speaking, high-wing models go more to Eastern and Northern Finland, so the amount of snow is the most decisive reason for the choice. A lower wing throws snow at a fractionally lower speed because the snow runs a shorter distance in it.


In brief, with a road dragger you do what you can and with a VRG you do what you want. The difference from a conventional road dragger is considerable because in terms of its performance and characteristics, the VRG corresponds to a motor grader. Factors such as the mobility of the main blade and body, the weight, relatively low drawbar drag, agility and various kinds of accessories make the VRG a multifaceted machine for use all year round.

The greatest difference is in price, even if you buy a tractor too. There is some difference in the reach of the main blade, but in principle you can do the same work with the VRG as with a motor grader and a tractor can also be used for many other things too.

VRG comes from the words Vuomet Road Grader.